Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sex with Sharmi

Hi readers... hope you are fine. I’m here to explain my another encounter with sharmi.

            This was happened when i’m doing my second year college. Her name is Sharmi, she was doing 11th standard. She is about 5 feet & little cute breasts. Since i was in third floor, i could see almost all neighbourhood terrace from my terrace.
One fine day, by evening around 5 pm, Sharmi came to her terrace to take her clothes which was put for drying. I saw her, she was cute. I started to sight her every evening when she come to terrace.  One day, when she was taking her clothes from the terrace, she suddenly saw me. I turned to another side. Now she began to turn towards me and started to check whether i’m seeing her or not. Now i wontedly saw her even when she saw me. She didn’t have any reaction and went her home. After sometime she again came to her terrace with a mobile with speaking somebody.

                   While speaking, she also checked whether i’m seeing her or not. I was seeing her only. After kept the mobile she didn’t went her home. She was just walking around the terrace. I just raised my hand towards her and said Hi without sound. She asked, ”What”. ’I asked her name without sound. She can’t able to understand. She again asked “What?”. Now i told her to give her mobile number to explain. She thought for some time and asked to tell my number. I washappy to see that. I let her to know my number by showing my fingers in numbers one by one. After noting down the numbers, she call me and asked “What did you asked me?”. I told her, ”What is your name?”. She replied, “What for?”. I told her that just to know. She replied, “Sharmi”. I told, “Nice name”. She asked me that what I’m doing. I told her that I’m doing my second year college. She told that she was doing 11th standard in some school. After this we used to chat minimum one hour in the evening. She also call me in the midnight whenever she wakeup for bathroom.
One day while chatting i told her,” You are very beautiful. Very cute like children”.  She smiled and said, “Thank you”. Then I told her taht I’m having a habit of kissing cute children in their forehead. And also the same feeling coming when i saw you. She told,” No way”. I pleased for only once. After many requests she accepted. But asked, “ where will you give me. You can’t come to my place and i can’t  come  to your place. Then how?”. Suddenly an idea came to me. There was a building in our street end which is still in construction. I told her to come inside that. First she was scared that somebody may see her. After that she agree. It was about 7pm. I was waiting inside the building, she called me. I told her that nobody is there and she can come inside the building. There is no light in the building. When she entered the building, I told her, ”Let me guide you” by bolding her hands. I guide her to a room which is very dark. We can’t able to see each other. She aws wearing a night dress, a top and a pant.

                    I turned her towards me and kissed her in her forehead. Then i hugged her tightly. She told that,” I thought you will do something this. Leave me. I have to go”. But i didn’t leave her. I started to press her ass by hugging her. Now she started to enjoy my activities. Then i turned her and hold her breasts from her back. I was small but very soft. I began to kiss her in the neck by pressing her boobs. She was enjoying by closing her eyes.  Then i lift her to she was wearing a skirt inside. I lifted that also. Then i began to feel her soft boobs. She began to moan. Then i suck her nipples, it was so sweet. Then i inserted my hand in her pant and felt a wet pussy. It was little bit hairy. I started to play with it with my middle finger. Now My left hand is over her breasts, my right hand is busy with playing with her pussy and my lips were kissing around her neck. This feels very great to me. I asked her whether she attend age or not. She told that before two years itself it was happened. Then removed her pant and panty  till her knees. I kneel down and kissed her pussy. She pressed my head over her pussy and began to shake her hip towards my head. Then i played with her pussy by my tongue. It is so sweet.

                  Then i bent  her and tried to insert my penis in her pussy. But since her pussy hole is very small, I can’t  insert  my penis in her cunt. So I postponed it sometimes later. Then again i tasted her pussy with my tongue by feeling her boobs. Suddenly she got a call from her mom. She went home. This was happen 6 times in the same building. But i didn’t fuck her even once. I’m waiting for the particular time.

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