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Hello readers, This is srini from chennai. This is my first story. But true story. My first Sex experience. Hope you will enjoy.

At that time i was studying my engineering in chennai. My Diploma junior came to see me after 2 years. She was very lean from the beginning itself. She was very close to me. I went to her home and met her parents, brothers and sisters a couple of times. We sat on the stairs and was speaking about each other. At that time my next room child roopa age about 8 came and called to play games. My junior also accepted to play kannaaboochi ( Eyes closed with a kerchief game). First I have to closed my eyes. My junior tied a towel around my eyes very tightly.

The game was started. It was a small area, so both of them making sound to reach them. I was very serious to catch any one of them. She was touching my hip, face & thighs to tease me. Since i was eyes closed, i don't know what exactly going on. I was busy in the game. After all, i touched my junior. Now she has to tie the towel around her eyes. Now she was busy with game and i was busy in noticing her small boobs. Even if they small, I liked it very very much. But i don't have courage to touch like her even in game itself.

Now roopa's mother calling her for lunch. So She went. Now I and my Junior again started to speak in stairs. At a stage, she teased me very much. I got angry and hold her hand rigidly and tried to twist to make small pain to her. She resist to my action. At that time, my hand touched her boobs slightly. It was the first time i'm touching a girl boobs. She still resisting. Now i had courage to go further. i caressed my hand slightly over her boobs. But she didn't move my hand away. She also caressing my hand over her book like me. But It seems that she resisting to twist of her hand. It was a great feel i had. Suddenly, Roopa's mother came that way. So I removed my hand on her.

After the absence of roopa's mother, she slap me on my hand and told Rough hand. Now i had more courage and slap on her hand once where she slap me. She stared me and asked "Oh! you will slap me wherever i slap you, huh?. That much courage you have huh?". I replied with "YES". Now she again slap me on the hand. I also do the same on her. Next she slap me on my thigh. I do the same. Next she slap me on my head. I do the same. Next she slap me on my cheek. Now also i do the same on her. She looked me once and closed her her hands and gave a punch on my chest. I was stunned. She laughed at me and told " What will you do now?" Ha..Ha..Ha...". I was confused. I don't know whether i should do the same she does to me or not.

She was still laughing at me. I told " Don't laugh, otherwise i'll do it". She told me " If you are a brave man, Do it". I make courage and give a small punch on her boobs. She looked at me now without that smile. Now i was in shock. I told her it is so soft. She told " Huh... Huh?". I was still staring at those boobs. She called me " Hello, See me. Where are you seeing?". I went up and told ok ok it's time, You leave. And i went inside my room and freshen myself and came out. She was ready to go. I told her " Let me drop you in the bus stop". She told "Okay". We get down two stairs and called her. She asked "What?". I asked her, " Please only one time". She asked " What one time?". I stared at her boobs. She told No..No..No.. and started to go down the stairs. I rushed her hold her boobs from the back and lift her to the place where we sat from the morning. She struggled and told " Leave me. This is wrong. Anybody could see us". But i never put it in ears.

Now she started to close her eyes and begin to moan. I thought that i was successful. she kept her hands over my hand and begin to massage her boobs. I was in heaven at that time. She slightly open her eyes, and asked, " How is it?". I told that it was really amazing. Then i asked her to come to terrace. Because it was around 2'O clock in the Noon. It is too hot, that nobody will come there at that time. She came to terrace with me. I latch the door lock and we sat under the water tank. Her eyes was staring at my eyes with hungrily. She was wearing Chudidar at that time. I unhook the chudi from her back and insert my finger from her front and took out those two beautiful mangoes outside. She was moaning and breathing heavily.

I caressed those boobs, making circles on her nipples. Then I can't control me. I begin to suck her nipples. Wow her boobs and her body becomes too hot. She put her hand on my head my gave pressure towards her boobs. I was sucking both her mangoes alternatively. After that i kissed her on her lips and told that you are so beautiful and and i love your boobs very much because they are very cute like you. She smiled. I loosed her pant and inserted my hand inside her panty. It is too hot and wet there. I caressed her pussy. She begin to kiss me on my lips and also bite it. It feels good to me. Then I removed her pant and top. Now she is with her skirt and panty only. She was too hot at that time.

I removed her skirt and saw those mangoes fully. It is calling me. I jumped over her and begin to suck her boobs. Simultaneously, my hand is removing her panty and i insert my middle finger inside her pussy. It was slippery. I begin the To & Fro motion inside her pussy. She never open her eyes for 15 minutes. After that she gave a smile at me and removed my shirt, pant and underwear very quickly. My penis erected about 6 inches. I was never saw that this much length before. She asked me that whether it will erect always like this much length. I told her "No. It will erect this much when we feel sex". she smiled at me. Now i let her to lie down and begin to taste her pussy. Now only hairs are begin to grow there. I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and begin to taste it. It feels like honey there. I touched her clit frequently, She begin to moan heavily. Since this was the First practical for me, I tasted her pussy for more 30 minutes. Now i begin to have neck pain due to this. So i went up and asked her" How was it?" She nodded and told," It's my turn". She got up and pushed me down and begin to circle on my nipple and suck it. I forgot everything at that time. It was heaven.

Then she smiled and went down on me. Yeah, the same spot, My Penis. She hold it and saw me with a cute smile. She begin to stroke my penis. Then she insert it in her mouth and begin to stroke with her mouth. At that time i was feeling like flying. After 10 minutes i filled her mouth with my juice. She was shocked and asked me,"What is this? You have urinated in my mouth". I was laughing and told her that it is not my urine, It is my juice (cum). She told that It is too hot.  Then i let her lie down with spread legs and i tried to insert my penis inside her pussy. It is too tight. I failed twice. Then i hold her tightly and begin to insert my penis inside her pussy. Suddenly she was about to shout. At once i kept my hand on her mouth and asked what happen?. She told that it is very paining with tear. I saw her pussy. Some blood drops was leaking. Seriously I don't know why that blood came at that time. I was unaware of that (Virginity). Even though she also don't know that time. I kissed her in her lips and begin to insert my penis inside her pussy and take out. After 5 to 6 strokes she never shouted. She begin to moan.

I was stroking slowly inside her pussy and gradually i increased the speed. After 15 minutes i cum inside her pussy. And i was in shock because i know that the cum  leads to pregnant. I cannot control m juice when it was inside her. I told her that i was sorry that i cum inside your pussy which may leads to pregnancy. She smiled and told that after 3 days her mensuration period going to starts. I was very very happy to hear that.
Then we cleaned ourselves with tank water and put our clothes on and went to bus stop. On the way to bus stop she asked me,"If you thought that this will happen between us means, you won't waste time on that game. No?" with smile. I gave a smile at her and pinch on her waist.

This is end of that story. Hope you enjoyed it well. Any comments mail me at

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